October Athlete of the Month – MATT MOLAK

October Athlete of the Month – MATT MOLAK

October Athlete of the Month – MATT MOLAK

This month, we named Matt Molak our Athlete of the Month.  You may know him if you frequent the 5:30 AM class or the weekend classes.  He’s one of our most dedicated athletes even after having several knees surgeries.  He’s usually one of the first people at the gym on a daily basis, often times showing up before 5AM.  Last week’s “Filthy 50” was programmed in honor of Matt’s 50th birthday so for those of you who ‘enjoyed’ that workout, you now know who to thank…

Name:  Matt Molak

Started CrossFit:  May 2011

Favorite WOD:  Murph, Elizabeth and anything that does not involve a jump rope

Least Favorite WOD: Annie and anything involving a jump rope

 Favorite Lift: Power Snatch

Least Favorite Lift: Thruster

Story: My oldest son referred me to crossfit. He had decided to leave college and join the military and heard it was a great way to get physically prepared. I thought it would be a good opportunity to spend time with him before he shipped out.  A year and a half later and at least 40 lbs. lighter, I am still going and he decided to stay in college.

During the first few weeks at crossfit, I was quickly reminded that I had deficiencies in flexibility, strength and endurance. Other than that, I was OK. My previous perception that I was in decent shape was soon proved false as I sat gasping for air after, and frequently during, each WOD. Being somewhat stubborn, I kept coming back and things got better. I have met many goals, and best of all, I no longer have paramedics on speed dial.

Many thanks to the coaches that have worked with me and shared their knowledge while showing great patience. In his own way, even Coach Bignall has shown patience, except when it comes to chalk consumption or spillage. My favorite motivational quote by a coach is “…you have shown me that you can do it incorrectly, now do it right!” – DB 2011. The community is also great and pushes me to try harder. I hope that I motivate others as well. I know that I sure wouldn’t want to get beat by a 50 year old.


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