To Be A Ninja Warrior You Must Have Strong Hands.

 In Workout of the Day


400m Run


Fence Drills

WOD: (25min)

*Teams of 2 or 3

1. 4 x 200m Plate hold run

2. 2 x 100m Overhead Lunge

3. 3 x 25 Burpees

*Plates cannot touch the ground, except at ends of course.  If they do touch the ground, you and your teammate have 10 burpees.

*You can perform your burpees at anytime, but must be done in sets of 25.  Meaning, once you start a set of 25, you cannot do anything else until you finish your 25.

*You can do burpees while your teammate is running.  But, you can cannot run until your 25 burpees are complete.

*You can both lunge at the same time.

*I will be attending a try-out for American Ninja Warrior next year if anyone wants to join me.  We have about 6 people who want to go.  Our goal is to make it to Japan and attempt Midoriyama.  This is the greatest show.

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