April 2015 Athlete of the Month – Tony Martinez

April 2015 Athlete of the Month – Tony Martinez

April 2015 Athlete of the Month – Tony Martinez

Congratulations to Tony Martinez for being selected as our April 2015 Athlete of the Month!  Many of you have seen Tony dominating WODs here at the gym in the evenings and on weekends which is when you can frequently see him working out.  Tony absolutely CRUSHED the Open this year and we wanted to recognize him as one of our most outstanding athletes.  He only started CrossFitting about a year ago and has greatly improved on the many skills and lifts of our sport.  His hard work and dedication paid off in a huge improvement from last year’s Open and also by earning him a spot on our Athlete of the Month wall!  Congrats Tony and keep killing those WODs!!!

Name Tony Martinez

Started Crossfit : 1 year ago

Favorite WOD : Nate and Open WOD 15.3
Least Favorite WOD : Grace
Favorite Lift : Snatch
Least Favorite Lift : Clean
Story : I am from Puerto Rico where for many years I was a personal trainer.  I worked at different gyms, including Gold’s gym where I worked as a trainer and instructor of group  classes.  As a child and teenager, I practiced volleyball, karate, basketball, and baseball what taught me how to be part of a team.  Most of my life I have trained; one way or the other, I have always trained hard  because I enjoy challenging myself physically and mentally.  I originally found Crossfit through the internet and I attempted to perform some WODs on my own but I had no prior power-lifting experience so I eventually  injured myself. It was not until we moved to Corpus Christi that I eventually joined a Box with my wife Emma and started enjoying the experience of an intense work out in a group setting.  We recently moved to San Antonio and found Mission Crossfit, where we have found our second home.   Crossfit feeds my desire for intensity, variety, and challenge.  If you had told me 20 years ago, that I would be hand-stand walking, doing muscles up, and  snatches at 42 years-old, I would have never believe you.  That is the beauty of Crossfit and life!


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