April 2019 Athlete of the Month

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Congratulations to Alexandra Ortiz on being selected as April 2019 Athlete of the Month. Alex finds the time in a hectic residency schedule that is always changing to still come in and put in work. When it came down to working on one of her least favorite movements for her team competition, she put in that extra time and effort to work on wallballs before and after class. For those reasons and many more is why Alex is deserving of Athlete of the Month.
Started CrossFit-August 2012
Favorite WOD– Helen
Least favorite WOD– Karen
Favorite lift-Back squat
Least favorite lift-Strict press
Story– I have been doing CrossFit style workouts with my husband, Louis, since we were in college. We did ROTC  and we always worked out in a group and motivated each other, which  I liked because it because it was similar to the sports teams I had played on in high school. When I started medical school in Maryland in 2012,  I was really nervous about losing my workout group.  This made me join my first CrossFit gym and I met Mary Ford (thanks CrossFit for giving me my BFF). CrossFit really saved my sanity (and my fitness level) during medical school. I knew I needed to find a gym when we moved to Texas for residency.   Mary, Louis, Adam and I started gym shopping as soon as we moved to Texas and we all immediately fell in love with Mission. The coaches were awesome, the people were all so friendly, and everyone seemed so dang fit. We all joined after our first drop-in class, and I can definitely say it is the best decision I have made since moving to Texas. MCFSA has given me an amazing community and group of friends and has made me way stronger than I ever thought I would be. I look forward to coming to class every single day (even if there is an assault bike involved) and I feel so lucky to be a part of such a unique and supportive community. I have endless love for everyone at MCFSA!

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