CrossFit hits the MLB

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Having been an athlete my entire life and having a dream of playing professional baseball, I wish I had CrossFit training when I was younger.  It would have changd me as an athlete and made me better than I was.  I am in better shape now then I ever was in College.  It’s a tough thing I got injuried while at school and couldn’t play beyond College, but I have fallen in love with CrossFit and what is brings.  Read this article and see what CrossFit can do for a professional athlete. 

What a beautiful day for a Sunday afternoon workout! We had a good turnout for our first ever Sunday FREE WOD and we got a hell of a workout! Lets spread the word and make the next one twice as big! As we approach the New Year, I thought it might be a good ideal to rehash the reason for CrossFit workouts and reasons you may not want to consider Crossfitfor 2019. Although I believe in and use a CrossFit program, I can understand why some may choose not to. Below I will lay out my best arguments for and against partaking in CrossFit exercise, visit

CrossFit consists of a variety of different exercises. These include strength training and calisthenics. They are designed to work your whole body and not just one specific region or part. These are set up as a quick, high intensity circuit workout.

A CrossFit workout is designed to test your will and fitness. It is typically performed as fast as your body and mental fitness will allow. Most require skill or balance. A person should take the initial time and energy to properly learn the lift or routine.

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