February Athlete of the Month

February Athlete of the Month

February Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Nicki Reedy for being selected as February Athlete of the Month. She has demonstrated tremendous work ethic in the 2 years that she has been at Mission. She has put complete trust in her Coaches when they tell her to add weight to her bar or sneak weight on to her bar mid workout. You can always bet that you will never see her without a smile on her face or chitchatting away with the afternoon community.  For those reasons and many more is why  she is deserving of Athlete of the Month.

Started CrossFit– January 2016
Favorite WOD– Fight Gone Bad
Least favorite WOD– Anything with overhead squats.
Favorite lift– Push Press
Least favorite lift– Overhead squats & that awful assault bike (you are death to me)
Story-I first stepped into the gym with no experience working out.  Having just had two babies within the previous two years, I was looking for a healthy outlet and needed a change.  I asked my husband if I could get a membership at a large chain gym but he was convinced I wouldn’t go. Honestly, he was probably right!

He brought me to a 5:30 am class at his favorite gym, Mission. How in the world do people even workout that early in the morning!?! Y’all still amaze me! To be honest, I was incredibly nervous the first few weeks.  I had never worked out so hard, let alone done CrossFit!  It wasn’t long before I loved it!!  I began seeing improvements in my overall strength and mental endurance to push harder than before.  Going to class I found a group of people that cheered each other on and coaches that were committed to helping us do the movements correctly.  During my CrossFit journey I became pregnant with our third baby and during that time the coaches were fantastic at helping me modify when needed.  Having gone through pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum two times before, I can say that I felt stronger and healthier than ever.  Today I show up because I love the community of people that I have grown so close to.  I love working towards goals and seeing them get met.  I love that it’s a healthy outlet that helps me be a better mom, wife, and friend.  I am truly thankful for every coach and athlete at Mission that continue to show up and give it their all.  You each are an inspiration to me!

Nicki Reedy





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