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Dial In Your Nutrition NOW!

June 1, 2017 @ 8:00 am - June 30, 2017 @ 5:00 pm


It is officially June which means the hot weather, beach visits and swimsuits are in!  With that in mind, Coach Drew is offering his Performance Nutrition Programming at a summer special to help keep you focused, healthy and trim throughout the summer.  He will be there every step of the way to answer questions, give advice, and help you with anything you may need.  This program is for anyone looking to lose body fat, gain strength, lean up and learn about proper foods to eat.  This special is available from June 1 – June 30, so you can start at anytime!


This program was recently ran during the Nutrition REBOOT earlier this year and here is what some of the members had to say about it:

“The Performance REBOOT was a great experience for me.  I got 6 weeks to experiment on what works for my body and what doesn’t.  I was amazed with the results!  I felt stronger, leaner, tighter and faster.  I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’ve continued the program on my own.”
– Dan Alayon (lost 4.5% Body Fat, gained 1.5lb of lean mass)

“I started CrossFit at Mission in the Fall of 2015 and have seen consistent improvements in my fitness. It became evident that to reach many of the goals I had set for myself I needed to dial in on my nutrition. The perfect opportunity to do just that presented itself earlier this year when I joined Coach Drew’s Performance Nutrition REBOOT program. My specific goals centered around building lean muscle mass, while keeping my body fat percentage at about the same level. The plan Coach Drew outlined was easy to follow, and most importantly for me, created a great starting point to understand the types of foods, portion sizes and meal frequencies tailored for me that I have continued to use beyond the program’s six weeks. Now I have a more complete fitness regimen with both the training and nutrition components.”
– Mark Stoltz (lost 1.8% body fat, gained 1.9lb of lean mass)

“The Performance REBOOT was great! It really showed me how much I could eat and still be able to perform at the same time.  It was a bit challenging at first, but after a week or so it became second nature on what to eat everyday.  It really blew me away at how quickly my body transitioned to the REBOOT by losing fat, leaning up,  and gaining muscle.  I enjoyed the REBOOT a lot and would definitely do it again.”
– Josh Aguilar (lost 3.2% body fat, gained 1.2lb of lean mass)

“I have always felt like I had a good idea of what healthy eating entailed – I thought I was doing it right. After taking the Performance Nutrition REBOOT I learned so much! There were some things I was doing right, but there was so much more to the story. I learned about what my body needs to fuel my workouts. This information not only helped me gain more muscle, but it is something that I can continue to tweak and change as my body changes. The most important thing about the Nutrition REBOOT is that its helps create the right habits!”
– Isabell Stoltz (lost 2.2% body fat, gained 1.1lb of lean mass)

Should I do this? Is this right for me?
– Since this program is personalized for each individual, anyone is able participate.
– Our goal is to build lean mass and lose body fat, the scale is your enemy! So, while participating, we do not step on the scale.
– Do you like to eat? Like a lot? Then yes, this is for you.

What Is Included?
– Before and After Pictures
– Before and After Measurements
– Constant communication with Coach Drew
– Personalized templates based on your measurements
– 6 weeks of guidance and lists of what to eat

Price: $69 (regular $99) Available from June 1-30

Ready to get started? Contact Coach Drew to schedule your measurement and goal setting session.

EMAIL: [email protected]




June 1, 2017 @ 8:00 am
June 30, 2017 @ 5:00 pm
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