Athlete of the Month

Athlete of the Month

All of us who work out here at Mission CrossFit SA train hard. We are all on our own journey in pursuit of a higher level of fitness, health and ultimately, life. It is not an easy journey, but it’s worth it. It requires hard work, sweat, discipline, and perseverance. The journey is filled with challenges, obstacles, and sometimes-even setbacks. And although every person’s road is unique, it is not a solo endeavor. We are in the pursuit of fitness together. Like a team, when a person is knocked down, the group responds by picking them up. Equally as important, when someone succeeds, their accomplishments are enjoyed and celebrated by the whole. To that end, every month, one person will be recognized for their outstanding achievements in fitness, whether they are in or out of the box.

This page is dedicated to that individual who portrays what CrossFit is at Mission CrossFit SA. It is someone who pushes hard, never gives up and wants to accomplish something each day they step foot inside our gym. They are chosen by their peers and lead by example. The athlete doesn’t necessarily lift the most amount of weight, or win every WOD, but instead they have passion and desire for what their individual goal is. Work hard, everyone is always paying attention, and you could be next!

December Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Sarah Soto for being selected as December Athlete of the Month. Sarah has put in tremendous amount of work over the last 2 years. Even a hectic work schedule and her 5 growing kids doesn’t slow her down and keep her out of the gym. She make it a priority to come during the noon class during her lunch break. Sarah always had a friendly smile and had been an encouraging athlete. For those reasons and many more is why we have selected her as December Athlete of the Month.

Started CrossFit– June 2018

Favorite WOD– Marconi

Least favorite WOD– Fran

Favorite lift– Deadlift

Least favorite lift– Overhead Squats

Story–  I am 37 years old and a busy mother of 5.   I found CrossFit one day when I was searching for a new way to get stronger and change up my everyday routine in the gym.  I found Mission CrossFit on that list and it was so close to my workplace that I walked by one day.  I heard the barbells hitting the floor and people talking and cheering on their classmates and I knew I wanted to try it.  I have learned so much about the sport and about myself that I don’t think I will ever stop CrossFit.

Mission has changed my life so much by giving me confidence and a community to allow me to be better at everything!  I am a better person, mother and friend and I have all the Coaches and people at Mission to thank for that!

November Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Zach Collins for being selected as November 2020 Athlete of the Month. Zach’s prior football experience made him a perfect fit for CrossFit. Even having a major injury that set him out for 8 months didn’t deter him from rehabbing and coming back stronger. Zach’s dedication to his lifts has seen tremendous increase in his overall strength. When its a deadlift day, you should make your way to the noon class to watch Zach lift. For those reasons and many more is why we have selected Zach as November 2020 Athlete of the Month.

Started CrossFit: September 2017

Favorite Lift: Tie between bench press and squats

Least favorite Lift: Snatch

Favorite WOD: Fran

Least favorite WOD: Anything on the bike that takes longer than 15 seconds

Story: I’ve always loved competing in athletic endeavors.  I hadn’t had anything to really compete in since I stopped playing football after freshman year of college.  My wife said countless times I should try Mission, but I was stubborn and wouldn’t listen (typical for me).  After finally giving in to the idea that CrossFit could provide some competitive outlet I was in need of, I tried a few boxes but nothing stuck.  Eventually I made my way to Mission and realized that the coaches and atmosphere were what made the overall experience so special.  I was hooked from that point on.  The noon class became my getaway in the middle of the day to disconnect from work and reconnect with my friends. Right at my 1-year anniversary mark, I had the unfortunate experience of rupturing my achilles.  After 8 months of rehab, I couldn’t wait to get back to the gym and train with my nooners again.  Coming to MCFSA has been one of the best things i have to look forward to each day and I’m always eager on Sundays to see what the week has in store for us.  Thank you to everyone who makes Mission such a great place!

October 2020 Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Mia-Britt Dowd on being selected as October Athlete of the Month. Mai-Britt worked out through her entire pregnancy and jumped right back into it, making all suggested modifications along the way and NEVER making excuses. Mai-Britt entrusted the Coaches to ease her back in.  She is setting a great example for her children making fitness a priority.  She always makes time in her busy schedule to come in and put in the work hard!  Her presence and positive attitude are such an inspiration to all. For those reasons and many more she is deserving of Athlete of the Month.

Started CrossFit: March 2017 (3 months postpartum with Mags)
Favorite WOD: any WOD with wall balls/rowing/double unders
Least Favorite WOD:any WOD with biking for distance/snatch/ over head squats/pull ups
Favorite Lift: Squat clean
Least Favorite Lift: Squat snatch
Story: Coach Meagan will agree, I came to Mission skeptical, with lots of- “I don’t really want… or I don’t really care about…. or my body doesn’t move that way….” My mission at Mission was to see what my husband enjoyed so much. What got him up and out the door for the 5am class?? The added bonus would be that we could spend time doing hard work together.Mission doesn’t disappoint; it IS hard work, but we were made to do hard things. When I show up at 5am looking at the white board looming with heavy weight and tough movements I’m encouraged by my husband, other members who have become friends and coaches to put the work in. It’s even better when leaving the gym feels like I’ve already won the day- if I’m lucky that happens at 6:03am!

September Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Brandon Meckel for being selected as September Athlete of the Month. As hesitant as Brandon was to come try us, you can say the old saying, he drank the kool-aid and never looked back. During his short time with us he was participated in his first CrossFit Open setting new personal records. He has volunteered his time for our yearly women’s event. For those reasons and many more is why Brandon is deserving of September Athlete of the Month.

Started CrossFit: July 2019
Favorite Lift: Squat Clean
Least Favorite Lift: Thruster …or something I can’t do handstand walks
Favorite WOD: Grace
Least Favorite WOD: Anything with a long run..I mean come on man…why
Story: I came from a sports heavy background. It was football, soccer, baseball, track …something all the time. This all shifted when I transitioned to college. Now that there wasn’t a practice to go to, I had to fill my free time with something! So off to the rec I went…and right into the oh so original schedule of chest on Mondays, legs never…whatever schedule. As my lifting experience grew, I got bored and felt like something was missing. I avoided CrossFit for a very long time, the last thing I wanted was to flop around on the floor to get a dirty shirt and then toss chalk on my shorts for good measure. Years went by and I got a job where I was fortunate enough to have a gym at my workplace. So at lunch I ended up meeting a group of people to work out and it was all HIIT based, it was great! It was here that I got the pleasure of meeting Mission CrossFit legend Becky. She told me about this gym she goes to and thinks I would like it. She tells me this again …and again…and again for months. So one day in July I broke down, made my first anxious/nervous drive over to Mission and haven’t looked back since. Mission is the first box I have ever belonged to and I couldn’t be more proud to call this place home. The coaching staff is amazing, they are always out giving cues and tips to correct movements or make things more efficient. This has been everything I could have wanted in a gym and a community. I am honored to be selected as athlete of the month and truly grateful to be a part of the Mission Family. 
Let’s get that work!

Brandon Meckel

August Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Sharon Hohon for being selected as August Athlete of the Month. Many of you may not have had the pleasure of meeting Sharon because she is a die hard 5am ONLY member. Sharon has stepped way outside her comfort zone and has been able accomplish so many new feats since starting CrossFit. All though she may not be a fan of overhead squats, you should see her toe to rings. For those reasons and many more is why we have selected Sharon as athlete of the Month.

Started CrossFit: 2017

Favorite Lift: Deadlift

Least Favorite Lift: Overhead Squats

Favorite WOD: Anything with deadlifts and bench press

Least Favorite WOD: Sleds and burpees!

Story: Mission was the first gym I ever stepped foot in. I loved CrossFit from the first class and each day it continues to grow. I saw changes very quickly which motivated me to push harder in every class. Each class is a challenge for me but when I am finished, I feel fantastic! I love the people and the positive energy Mission has created. I have never experienced this before and look forward to the next WOD and how much I can improve. Thank you to all the Coaches and fellow members in the 5am class!

June Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Julie for being selected as June’s Athlete of the Month. Julie has been on the front lines during this Pandemic as a nurse, we want to thank you for what you do! Even through our closure she logged on to zoom classes and made her driveway her new box. She likes to get away from reality during class and squat heavy. For those reasons and many more is why we have selected Julie as June’s Athlete of the Month.
Started CrossFit– I began CrossFit when the yoga studio I was attending opened a CrossFit box. I was hesitant at first to venture over from the hot yoga room to CrossFit, but I eventually tried it one day. I honestly wasn’t thrilled my first day. In the warm up there was Wall Walks. Lets just say “it was rough”. I could barely get up the wall. I don’t remember anything after that, just the fact that I didn’t like it. After the class, I was talking with another athlete and she stated “you’ll get fast results”. Well, I was hooked! I have been going practically everyday off since!
Favorite WOD– Hard to choose just one, but I guess I’ll go with Fran. It’s quick, has movements that I like, and its a burner.
Least favorite WOD– Honestly, Murph. Its long, repetitive, and push ups burn me up quick. But there is no greater feeling running that last mile!
Favorite lift– Back squat. Yet, I love anything with a squat!
Least favorite lift– Snatch. Has been a hard skill to learn and gets heavy quick. But I do love all lifts.
Story– I am originally from Massachusetts. I lived on Ft. Sam Houston for about a year while in the Combat Medic and LVN program with the Army. That is where I discovered this Bikram yoga studio, that then eventually opened up a CrossFit Box. After graduating the LVN program, I decided to move back to San Antonio. That is when I began CrossFit and have been going fairly consistently for the past 6 years. It was time for a change, so I began looking for other CrossFit box. I honestly was nervous to try Mission CrossFit because that is where “real” CrossFitters went. But I tried it, really enjoyed it, and have been at Mission for about 2 years now. I have done multiple competitions to include Mission’s A League Of Their Own (twice!). I do like competitions because it gives you something to work towards. I love the atmosphere of CrossFit and the fact that I can just show up and always get a great workout in. 
CrossFit does give great, fast results. It also helps me stay mentally fit. I currently work as an Emergency Department Registered Nurse and have the past 4 years. I am also still serving the Army reserves. I love the mental break I get while in class. I can put away my phone and just focus on the workout ahead. When Mission was closed for 59 days, it was tough. I loved logging into Zoom and seeing everyone. It provided a great interaction with other people which I believe we as humans need. I recommend CrossFit (particularly Mission CrossFit) to all my friends, of any age, and any fitness level.

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