Robert Baldwin

Massage Therapist

Robert Baldwin

Baldwin Massage Therapy

Phone: (210) 336-8868

Email: [email protected]

Duration       Rate
15 min.           $40
30 min.          $75
45 min.          $95
60 min.         $120

“I have been providing services as a licensed massage therapist in San Antonio, Texas since 1997 with a primary emphasis on deep tissue massage and a specific interest in Sports Injury Rehabilitation. Nine of those years were in a doctor’s office.

I strive to offer focused, on-target service based on your needs, expressed through two-way communication as needed during sessions.

I have personal experience with what it is like to have limited activities of daily living caused by sports injuries. I played several sports from elementary through high school and dislocated my knees several times–among other injuries. As a result, I have experienced pain from those old injuries that sometimes prevents me from engaging in my normal daily activities. I believe that by experiencing ongoing issues and pain from sports injuries myself, I understand intimately the seriousness and frustration of not being able to carry out my normal activities without pain.

I love what I do because it allows me to increase the quality of people’s lives by removing pain and physical limitations so that they may live their lives comfortably.”

To schedule a massage, contact Robert directly via phone or email.

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