Michael Rocha


Certifications and Seminars
CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1)
CrossFit Rowing
CPR/AED/First Aid Certified


Private Training Availability
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Being born and raised in San Antonio, I’ve been able to see and be apart of the healthy upswing that the city has been through, which I find exciting. Even more exciting is to see the role that CrossFit has had. For myself, like so many others in this town, being healthy does not come easy. I love food (and not always the good for you kind) and sometimes making it into the gym isn’t always easy. About 7 years ago, I really hit a unhealthy low. I decided to make some changes to my eating habits and started a workout regimen. That helped me lose a few pounds, but still not reach my fitness and strength goals. During that process, I began to realize that my physical line of work was going to need supplemental help as well. So about 6 years ago, I attended a CrossFit class with my wife. The whole way there I was pretty confident that they had nothing for me. It would be a breeze. After only 20 minutes, I was trying to keep up with people twice my age! What?! How?! I also was having to fight not to throw my lunch up, but I was sold. The time of just lifting weights and getting on a treadmill for some cardio had nothing on CrossFit. I’ve seen the benefits of these constantly varied workouts. With Mission, I’ve been finding the fun and enjoyment in being and staying healthy. Being able to coach here is an honor. The family and team atmosphere that is bread here comes second to none. Athletes of all levels, ages, and goals, always rooting for one another is what it’s about. That’s what makes coaching so enjoyable. To give help, guidance and confidence to our members and many visitors, will never get old. I will continue to enjoy seeing people get faster, stronger, more confident and braver with their approach to CrossFit.

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