Lacey Reinhardt


Certifications and Seminars
CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1)
CrossFit Level 2 (CF-L2)
CrossFit Kids
Licensed Professional Counselor

Our Lady of the Lake University – MS in Counseling 2009
Texas State University – BA in Psychology 2006

Goal Planning & Attainment
Athlete Ambassador

Private Training Availability
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It was December 2013 when I ran out of excuses and I was tired of failing to ‘get fit before I start CrossFit,’ on my own, I took my partners advice and contacted Coach Amy at Mission CrossFit. She welcomed me to the women’s only class where reality smacked me in the face. I was seriously out of shape. Amy believed in me, and she made it apparent by giving me feedback and support. She invited me to come watch A League of their Own (ALOTO) a women’s competition. ALOTO was nothing short of life changing. I watched the women sweat, be strong, push themselves, grit their teeth, cheer for each other, fail at times, be aggressive, and have some serious fun.

Now I understand that CrossFit math does add up. Show up to class, plus give it all I got and have fun, equals me looking like these beautifully strong women all around me. I have not looked back sense. Mission CrossFit provides a formula that will produce results. Life has changed in numerus way! I’m less stressed more positive, wear smaller sizes and speak kinder to myself about my body. Mission CrossFit has reminded me that I am an athlete and I feel confident saying so. I am a stronger cyclist, confident on the volleyball court and more likely to take on a challenge.

My work has always been focused on helping clients find meaningful change in their lives. Introducing people to CrossFit is another way that I can effect change and help others uncover their strength and reach new personal records. I’m honored to be working alongside intelligent and experienced coaches who care about getting you over your fear and into a new way of life. Let health and fitness become not only a priority, but the best hour of your day. Welcome to Mission CrossFit San Antonio. Let’s get started!

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