Athlete of the Month

Athlete of the Month

All of us who work out here at Mission CrossFit SA train hard. We are all on our own journey in pursuit of a higher level of fitness, health and ultimately, life. It is not an easy journey, but it’s worth it. It requires hard work, sweat, discipline, and perseverance. The journey is filled with challenges, obstacles, and sometimes-even setbacks. And although every person’s road is unique, it is not a solo endeavor. We are in the pursuit of fitness together. Like a team, when a person is knocked down, the group responds by picking them up. Equally as important, when someone succeeds, their accomplishments are enjoyed and celebrated by the whole. To that end, every month, one person will be recognized for their outstanding achievements in fitness, whether they are in or out of the box.

This page is dedicated to that individual who portrays what CrossFit is at Mission CrossFit SA. It is someone who pushes hard, never gives up and wants to accomplish something each day they step foot inside our gym. They are chosen by their peers and lead by example. The athlete doesn’t necessarily lift the most amount of weight, or win every WOD, but instead they have passion and desire for what their individual goal is. Work hard, everyone is always paying attention, and you could be next!

October Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Nydia Levario for being selected as October 2019 Athlete of the Month. Nydia was forced out of her comfort zone when she first joined the Mission Community. She not only thrived in her new environment, she has accomplished more than she could ever imagine. Juggling nursing program on top of 3 growing boys, she finds the time to be part of the evening Mission Community. For those reason and many more is why she has been selected as October Athlete of the Month.

Started CrossFit July 2017

Favorite WOD MURPH

Least favorite WOD Anything

Favorite lift Deadlift

Least favorite lift Snatch

Story I entertained the idea of joining a gym when my husband mentioned to me in July of 2017 that he needed to get into tip-top shape for an upcoming promotion. I initially started looking for CrossFit gyms near our home to eliminate the hindrance of driving too far. After reading reviews on a couple of gyms near our home I came across the Mission CrossFit SA website. I immediately saw the difference in this gym from the others I had done my research in. What caught my eye was that MCFSA offered an all-women’s class three times a week, all while promoting the community of women empowering women. I had a “You had me at Hello!” moment and immediately signed up to try a free class. I messaged my husband and told him about the gym, but he wasn’t quite as eager to jump into something new. I went further and told him that I had already signed up for a free class. After less than an hour he had sent me a confirmation that he had signed up too.

What started as me trying to help my husband improve his health turned into the discovery of a new love for sport for myself. I love being a part of a community. Those that know me best can confirm this. However, I was recovering from a very stressful and emotional organizational letdown and I had removed myself completely from being a part of social groups or engaging in new friendships. I was very cautious about who I shared any of my time with. Signing up for this class what a huge step for me. I was intentionally putting myself in a vulnerable situation where I would have to engage in some way or another with others (women especially) and I was entering into a group that I did not know what the cultural norms were there. Did I mention that I was never athletic? Well, at least never consistently. Not even in high school. I was, as my husband calls it, “artsy-fartsy”. Fighting every emotion inside me I stepped out of my comfort zone and not only visited a trial class but committed to join the gym.

After about six months it got uncomfortable for me once again. My schedule was turned upside down and I was left with the option of going to the 6:30 pm class or stop going altogether. Now you might ask why would this be such a big deal? Well, I had only been going to the all-women’s course where the workouts are structured differently, but most of all where I had developed a comfort zone. Once more, I stepped out into unchartered territory and decided to join the co-ed 6:30 pm (aka “best:30” class).

I started 2018 with my guard up and remember voicing to a few members that I wasn’t participating in the co-ed classes to see how heavy I could lift, or I prove to myself how strong I could be, “I’m just here to get toned and stay healthy”, was what I recall saying. Boy was I wrong once again! I gained a whole new appreciation for how far I was able to challenge myself. Through music, laughter, and weightlifting an overwhelming amount of endorphins rushed to my brain giving me the drive to want to challenge myself more every class. Consequentially this drive also blinded the fears and feelings of anxiety that I battled with, to begin with. I felt a sense of freedom and gained a measure of self-esteem and security that I was not aware that I lacked.

I love being a part of such an amazing community. I have met so many people that have inspired me and have secretly become my role models. I have also had the privilege to work with several of the coaches at MCFSA and they all bring forth a diversity in how they help you improve in your skills, knowledge, and CrossFit technique. Aside from being stronger and healthier than I have ever been in my life, I have discovered a whole new me. Most importantly I feel empowered by everyone I encounter at Mission. I would hope that more people find their path to optimal health not just through focusing on physical attributes, but through discovering a place, as I have here at MCFSA, to organically bridge mind, body, and spirit to produce the best version of one’s self.

September Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Adam Graeber on being selected as September Athlete of the Month. Adam has been part of the Mission community for well over the past 3 years. With an active duty status in the Army combined with also working in the medical field, Adam juggles a hectic schedule. He still finds the time and energy to come in put a beat down on the workouts. It may not be a steady class time but you will find him in one of the classes at some point throughout the day. For those reasons and many more is why Adam has been selected as Athlete of the Month.
Started CrossFit– April 2015
Favorite WOD– Grace
Least Favorite WOD– Karen
Favorite Lift – Deadlift
Least Favorite Lift– Thruster
Story – As my wonderful wife will tell you I was stubbornly against CrossFit for the first year we dated for all the usual stereotypical reasons (you know like how it’s a cult that will leave you crippled with injuries).  Eventually she gave up trying to convince me.  Fast forward to the summer before we got married and I was looking for something to shake up my workouts and decided to give CrossFit a try.  Since that first class I was hooked and have never looked back.  CrossFit has given me a lot over the 4 years I’ve been doing it.  However the most important to me is the community I’ve gained here at Mission.  It made moving to San Antonio a wonderful rather than stressful experience and I know for both Mary and I it will be tough to leave when the time comes (hopefully many years from now).  It’s too bad I will be away for work this month to fully abuse my athlete of the month powers but it saves Ignacio from 1000 daily burpees so perhaps for the best.

August Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Meredith Peiffer on being selected as August Athlete of the Month.  Meredith has been a tenured member of the Mission Community for some time now. Even through deployments and school she always put the time into achieving her goals, her work ethic and dedication to her fitness has been amazing to be a part of.  For those reasons and many more is why she is deserving of Athlete of the Month.
Started Crossfit: 2011
Favorite WOD: Mary
Least favorite WOD: Anything longer than 15 mins
Favorite lift: Deadlift
Least favorite lift: Thrusters
Story: I started CrossFit when I was in the Air Force in Florida in 2011. I remember the coaches talking about the open that year, and that we had to pay $20 to do some workouts? I was skeptical and thought it would just be a fad that fizzled out… I am 8 years later. When I moved to San Antonio in 2012, Mission was the first gym I tried and I’ve never even thought of moving. I love the support of the community here, I love watching new faces become seasoned members who get PRs and achieve things they never thought they’d be able to do. I’ve grown so much and accomplished so much in my time here, and just when I think I’ve got the hang of things, I learn something new all over again or find new ways to improve my technique. I can’t thank the coaches and other members enough for providing an awesome environment where I can come and sweat and forget about my day and get work done.
Meredith Peiffer

July Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Taylor Weinberg for being selected at July 2019 Athlete of the Month. Taylor attacks the workouts in a swift and silent manor. If you blink he will most likely be done with the WOD. With some tweaks to his nutrition Taylor has made leaps and bounds in his strength and conditioning. He attacks the WOD’s at 6:30am , most of the time its already his second workout. For those reasons and many more is why Taylor is deserving of Athlete of the Month.

Started CrossFit– August 2018
Favorite WOD– DT
Least Favorite WOD– Angie
Favorite Lift– Push Press
Least Favorite Lift– DB Front Squat
Story– Becoming bored with the everyday bodybuilding type workouts I was looking for something that would be challenging and allow me to push myself to a new level of fitness. Being a former college athlete, I started to do some research and the competitive aspect of CrossFit was extremely appealing. Hearing about mission through a friend I decided to walk in and knew the second I stepped in that this was the place for me. Coach Meagan ran me through a “tryout” of sorts and was all business which I really liked. Everyday I step in there no matter what the workout is I know I will get a little better through all the great coaching  and athletes that push me to do my best.

Taylor Weinberg


June 2019 Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Xandria Gutierrez who has been selected as June 2019 Athlete of the Month. Xandria has been a staple of the early afternoon classes for over 3 years. She pushes herself every single time she steps foot in the box with more weight on the bar than she thinks she is capable of doing . She thrives if you throw anything involving cardio. Careful if you come WOD with her during a running day, you may be not be able to see her. For those reasons and may more is why Xandria has been selected as June Athlete of the Month.
Started CrossFit– March 2016
Favorite WOD– Helen
Least favorite WOD– Fran
Favorite lift– Deadlifts
Least favorite lift- Snatches
Story– During college, I was a cardio junkie and thrived on anything that involved cardio. When I graduated I tried all types of workouts and fitness classes to keep fit and try to find something I liked enough to stick with. You name it, I probably tried it. While my cardio was decent, I knew I wanted to be stronger than I was so I started looking up gyms around town that could help me with that. I had heard of CrossFit and how good of a workout it was, so I decided to try it out as a trial and all I remember is being in pain for days. After the trial, I tried out a few different boxes before I found the perfect fit at Mission. The people, the coaches and the programming were exactly what I was looking for in a CrossFit gym and I was thrilled to finally find a gym to call home. The community here is like a second a family and everyone always pushes you to go faster, lift heavier, and be stronger. I’m so grateful and thankful to the coaches and other members for their encouragement and support!





May Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Stephen Mathai on being selected as May 2019 Athlete of the Month. Stephen has shown a consistent eagerness to get better every time he comes into the gym. He has even dedicated himself to a couple cycles in the Mission strength program to focus on his lifts. He’s shown what hard work can accomplish, for those reasons and many more is why he is deserving of Athlete of the Month.

Started CrossFit– September 2012
Favorite WOD– DT
Least favorite WOD– Bear Complex
Favorite lift– Power Clean
Least favorite lift– Snatch
Story -After graduating from college I wanted to expand my workout routine outside of my evening runs. I had never played sports or lifted weights prior to CrossFit, and a traditional gym did not seem appealing knowing I would lack the motivation to program and go. After a quick Google search I found a nearby CrossFit gym and signed up for a free trial. My first workout was a modified Angie (swapped double unders for air squats), and it kicked my butt. After the soreness had passed a couple days later I signed up for a membership. The coaches were patient and had me focus on form and endurance before letting me increase resistance (mostly due to my lack of weightlifting history). In 2014 I moved to San Antonio, and tried Mission Crossfit based on my previous coach’s recommendation. The gym had been only running for a week at its current location, but I enjoyed the coaching and workouts. I have been coming back ever since then – jumping from 5 AM morning classes to 6:30 evening (do not know what I was thinking waking up that early and missing the best :30 class), a short stint in strength programming, and participating in the past two opens. The Mission community is incredible, and I look forward every day to unwind during a WOD. Hats off to all the coaches and members – you truly make the best box in SA!



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