As CrossFitter we love dropping weight, using chalk, taking our shirts off and grunting extremely loud when we lift heavy weights.  But, one thing we don’t always notice we do is Judge.  We judge in the competitive way.  We compare ourselves to the person next to us and try to make out how they are going to do at the WOD that day and how you can prepare yourself to beat them.  This came about when when we were talking about Planet Fitness this morning in our 5:30am class.  If you have ever heard of Planet Fitness before, it’s a Globo-Gym that has a lot of rules, more than the average Globo-Gym.  Their motto is “Judgement Free Zone.”  They try to make their facility a place where you can go and not be judged by others or feel intimidated.  No dropping weights, no grunting, you have to wear shirts and definitely no chalk.
If you have ever met Mark, you know who I’m talking about.  The small, build like a tank, shaved head guy who seems to beat everyone and he only weighs 150lbs.  He stated it best this morning when talking about Planet Fitness.  “I judge people everyday I walk in here!”  He’s extremely competitive and looks to see who his competition is everyday and pushes himself further every time.  You wonder why he looks the way he does, can lift the weight he does and is always at the top of the WOD each day.  He pushes hard and gets results.
Level 2 WOD:
2 Rounds – 7min Each (3min Rest)
400m Run
20 Burpees over the Bar
AMRAP Ground-to-Overhead (95/65)
Level 1 WOD:
5 – 10 – 15 – 10 – 5
KB Swings (unbroken) (32/24kg)
KB Clean & Jerk (each)


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