When doing back squats there are two distinct ways to place the bar on your back. They are known as the High Bar Back Squat and the Low Bar Back Squat.  Each one is unique in its placement of the bar and will effect your performance in different ways. In the High Bar, you will be in a more upright position, will be able to go lower in the squat, it’s easier on your shoulders if you are inflexible,  but loads will be less than that of a low bar back squat. In the Low Bar, your body angel will be more forward, more emphasis will be placed on your posterior side(involving more hamstring, glute, & hips),  it will be harder to go deep, but larger loads will be able to be lifted.
With that being said many of you may be wondering, well which one should I do. Our answer is simple, DO BOTH! In CrossFit we want you to be good at everything so why not squat in both positions and see if you can feel and see the difference.

:30 Drills
HSPU Practice
LIFT: 5 x 5 Back Squat (70%)
WOD: 10min AMRAP
8 Single-Arm DB Power Snatch (55/35lb)
15 Lift-Hand Push-ups


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