We have been working hard since opening and everyone has been progressing extremely well!  Athletes are lifting more weight, running faster and our Paleo Challengers are doing awesome and shedding weight!  One thing we want to measure with everyone is your CrossFit Total.  It is a pure measure of overall strength in 3 movements.  Shoulder strength, leg strength and back strength. On that note, all day Monday we will be doing everyone’s CrossFit Total.  We don’t do this often, but it will give everyone a great idea of their strength and where they can improve.
Do your best to come Monday to any class through out the day to get your CFT in!
530am, 630am, 830am, 930am (Women Only), 12pm, 530opm, 630pm

40 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)
Then Immediately do:
5 Pull-ups
10 V-ups
200m Run
15 Air Squats


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