The Eat Clean Be Lean Challenge starts next Saturday!  Don’t forget to get registered and setup online and signed up for your shirt at the gym.  Starting tomorrow, you can get measured and perform your benchmark workout.  Grab either Nick or Drew to be measured and the guidelines for the benchmark are outlined on the Eat Clean Be Lean website and below:

30:00 to complete the following in any order:

1,000m Row for Time

(meters should count down from 1,000)

1 Rep Max Deadlift

(percentage compared to bodyweight)

Max Towel Hang

(1 hand towel in each hand hung over the pull-up bar)



20 Jumping Jacks

10 Inch Worms

10 Lunges (each)

400m Run

20 Pull-ups

30 Hollow Rocks

400m Slam Ball Carry

Strength WOD:

5 x 5 Pendlay Row (:60)

WOD: For Time (18min Cutoff)

30 TTB

20 KB Thrusters (24/16kg) – KB in each hand

*one of the follow

1,000m Row

800m Run

2.0 Miles Bike


20 KB Thrusters

30 TTB



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