Are You Feeling Lucky?…Punk!

Are You Feeling Lucky?…Punk!

Are You Feeling Lucky?…Punk!

This is for those of you who don’t believe that CrossFit builds strength. The city that CrossFit Brand X is located only has a population of 33,000 people.  So, having this many athletes from such a small pool is phenomenal.  You cannot say that anyone can do this.  They obvious have something amazing going for them.
CrossFit Athletes—half of them teenagers—from CrossFit Brand X head to their first powerlifting meet and almost all come home with first-place medals.
Twelve competitors.
Nearly all at their first powerlifting meet.
Eleven first-place medals.
Twenty-eight state records broken.
All CrossFitters.
‘It obviously shows we’re good at what we do,’ said 15-year-old Cole Dick, one of the 12 from CrossFit Brand X who competed in the Feb. 19 USA Powerlifting California State Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships in Santa Clarita, Calif.”
– CrossFit Journal, March 21, 2011
Foam Roller
5pt. Hip (x2)
PVC Pipe Warm-up
50 Overhead Squats
1 Max Pull-up Attempt
WOD: 21 – 15 – 9
Lift-Hand Push-ups
Pistols (each leg)
I have yet to post pictures our winners for the Paleo Challenge, but here is one of them!  You can see the difference that the work they put in makes!

1st Place Male Stephen Takach Before 6-week Paleo.


11.28% Body Fat

19.96lbs of Fat

Stephen Takach After 6-Week Paleo.


5.70% Body Fat

9.19lbs of Fat

1st Place Female Amy Hicks Before 6-week Paleo.


16.79% Body Fat



Amy Hicks After 6-week Paleo.


14.91% Body Fat

21.17lbs of Fat


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