Back to Back Chippers

Back to Back Chippers

Back to Back Chippers

Those of you who came to Sunday’s classes are in for a treat! We have another Chipper today! This one is not as long or crazy, but more about bar movement and progressively moving through the workout.

As of today, we have begun stressing our new progression for newbies to enter our facility.  As of now, we have 1 of 2 ways that one can enter our regular classes.  Come talk to us for more details.  Also, if you are already in classes and feel you need a review of movements or more instruction on movements, feel free to come talk to us to schedule an elements class with a Coach!


500m Row

10 – 1 Scale of Squats/Straight Leg Sit-ups

1 Set of Fence Drills

Mobility WOD:

Foam Roller

Lacrosse Ball Work

Hip Resetting

WOD: Perform Entire Workout With Partner (20min Cutoff)

20 Clean & Jerk (105/145)

50 Pull-ups

40 Front Squats (same weight)

50 Toe-to-Bar

60 Deadlifts (same weight)

30 Handstand Push-ups


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