Clusters are a Great Way to Start Your Week!

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***REMINDER – Our Christmas party is this Thursday at 7:30-11 PM at Stonewerks in Lincoln Heights.  We are asking that only adults attend this get-together.  Apologies ahead of time to parents who aren’t able to find a babysitter!

We have booked the upstairs area at Stonewerks.  They will be offering an optional 3-course meal at $25 per person (link below) and of course drinks.  We hope everyone can join us!!!

Fixed Menu Xmas Party


400m Run


10 Air Squats

10 Lunge to Instep

10 Downward D0g Pushup


5×3 Pause Back Squat

* :03 Pause at bottom 0f each squat


5 Rounds:

200m Run

5 Clusters (135/95)

10 V-Ups

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