CrossFit Total Continued

CrossFit Total Continued

CrossFit Total Continued

If you did not get a chance to do CrossFit Total yesterday, you still have a chance today, but it’s the last day! If you’ve already done CFT, don’t worry we have something in store for you.

Starting next Monday January 16th, we are going to start expanding our program here at Mission CrossFit SA.  What I mean by that is as newbies come to our gym to start CrossFit, they will have the choice to take sessions with a Coach to learn and harness their skills or start classes at our old space with Melissa.  It will give them a great experience of learning the movements in a more introductory atmosphere.  As they progress, they will have the opportunity to move back over.  So, as we move forward make sure to let newbies know how we plan to keep growing!

Don’t forget to check in at the front desk and sign your name on the board before class!

So, this is true dedication of strength.  Courtney has been here at Mission CrossFit SA pretty much since we opened our doors.  She was completely against anything that wasn’t her body weight.  But, look at her now.  Incredible.  She even took time out of her day and made a 3-D bar graph of her CrossFit Totals over the past 3 times she performed it.


Click here to view the PDF Bar Graph of Courtney’s CF Total

5min Jump Rope
3 Rounds:
8 Inch Worms
8 Walking Lunge-to-instep
8 Bounding Squat Jumps
Endurance WOD: 10min Run/Row
2:00 Easy Pace
2:00 Medium Pace
1:00 Sprint
WOD: CrossFit Total or Cindy


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