Deck of Death

Deck of Death

Deck of Death

Tomorrow is the end of the Paleo Challenge and we need to get your measurements in!!!  We still have a lot of people who have not done their measurements or pictures for this weekend.  They need to be in BY SATURDAY to have a chance at winning the challenge.  If there is a problem and you cannot do it, come talk to us.  So far, there have been dramatic results!  We have had as much as 18lbs lost in a single person and over 150lbs lost in only 16 athletes!  That is a huge margin, almost 10lbs per person! Lets keep working and I hope to see how well everyone else does!


WOD: “Deck of Death”
Hearts = Push-ups
Spades = Box Jumps @ 20″
Diamonds = KB SDHP (32/24kg)
Clubs = Ait Squats
Jokers = 50 Double Unders (200 SU)


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