FGB 5 Results and Birthday Party

FGB 5 Results and Birthday Party

FGB 5 Results and Birthday Party

This past Saturday was the Fight Gone Bad 5 event held at the Airrosti Rehab Center on Blanco.  It was amazing!  It was the biggest CrossFit event that San Antonio has put on with 8 CrossFit boxes representing themselves.  It was an experience for a lot of people to see what a real CrossFit event is like and to see the competition from other boxes and how fit people are from doing CrossFit.  I am so proud of everyone who participated and I hope y’all took a lot from it!  I wanted to also say congratulations to my good friend and owner from 210 CrossFit, Steve Galvan, who got a lot of reps recalled from judges (we always hate those judges) and came in second place!  Awesome bud, congrats.
The results are posted on our “News & Events” tab on our website, so go check out who participated and their scores and where they ranked.  It was a great event and I am sure we will do plenty more soon!  Also, the shirts will be ready tomorrow.  UPS messed up big time and didn’t deliver them all on time.
To all of my athletes — Please come join us at the box for music, wine, beer and food this Saturday night starting at 9:00pm to celebrate my 25th Birthday! This invitation is open to all athletes and their significant others. When the food and spirits are gone, they’re gone — so please come early! An after party will ensue and we will announce those plans Saturday night.  Please be responsible if you choose to drink.
***To those who are interested — Sunday evening we will be heading to Alamo Karts (about 15 minutes from the box) to race Go-Karts to celebrate my Birthday!  We need teams of 4 to do this and will have the entire track rented out for our private use.  These are real Go-Karts, not your grandmas putt-putt, power-wheels vehicle.  Please let me know if you are interested by Wednesday September 29th.  Limited space available and $50/person. Hope to see you there!***
5min Jump Rope
“Tabata This and That”
3min Exercise


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