Happening This Week

Happening This Week

Happening This Week

Team Challenge #1 Winners!

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Team Barbell Babes
Velvet Minnick, Julianne Grau, Beth Tweedy, Renee Ulrich


Wednesday, March 6th, the first CrossFit Games Open WOD 13.1 will release and you will have until Sunday evening to perform it.  As a gym we will be performing the weekly workouts each week on Friday in class.  You can come to any class and get judged there.  If you cannot come to class Friday, we will most likely be having time on Saturdays at 10am to do it as well.  Get with a Coach and talk to them about performing the WOD.

***Important Note.  If you plan on being judged, plan on judging as well.  Anyone who is having their repetitions counted should be well aware we will ask you to judge someone else.  It may not happen, but because of the high amount of participants at our gym, we will need this to happen.  In order to be fair and have no discrepancies in judging, everyone should complete the online judges course found by clicking here.  Please complete this before Friday and Saturday this week.  


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