Heavy Monday!

Heavy Monday!

Heavy Monday!

If you missed Saturday you can check out some of the pictures from our Grand Opening below!  It was a great turnout and a blast!  I hope everyone had a great time and got to meet some people they don’t normally see in class and others out in the San Antonio CrossFit community.  I also want to personally thank all of my coaches who helped lean, set up, break down everything and also collect donations to purchase a new camera.  That was a huge thing for me personally that people would go out of their way to do that.  Thank you to all of you who had anything to do with that!


2 Rounds:

250m Row

3 Rounds of Cindy

Fence Drills

Strength WOD:

3 Rep Max Bear Complex (15min)

#1 WOD: Death by Clean & Jerk (135/95)

*1 C&J the first minute, 2 C&J the second minute, 3 C&J the third minute, etc. until you cannot complete the reps within the given minute.

< 5 Rounds = 50 Burpees

< 7 Rounds = 25 Burpees

< 10 Rounds = 10 Burpees

***At the 15min mark we will start WOD #2.

#2 WOD: 5 Rounds

:30 Toe-to-bar

:30 Plank

*For total reps of Toe-to-Bar

And here are pictures with the new camera!



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