Take a close look at this picture if you are wanting to compete with our team!  We have two events coming up as well as a team lift open.  This means that on August 4th, we will be maxing out and attempting skills as well.  This is a GREAT opportunity to come in and push yourself with other team members, see where you’re at and get a good feel for what the cutoff will be like October 1st.  Come talk to Coach Drew with any questions.


Indoor Plyos

Endurance WOD:

8 Minutes of Battle Buddy Lunge For Distance

Buddy 1 starts lunging, while buddy 2 runs curb-to-curb until they meet back up with buddy 1, at which point buddy 1 then begins lunging while buddy 2 takes over lunging. Record total distance lunged.



3 RFT of:

400m Run

21 KBS

12 Pull-Ups


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