Hit The Go Button And Don’t Look Back

Hit The Go Button And Don’t Look Back

Hit The Go Button And Don’t Look Back

Don’t forget to sign-up for Fight Gone Bad 6!  On September 17th, Mission CrossFit SA along with 11 other gyms, will be participating and so should you! The sign-up is at the front desk.  The first cutoff is THIS WEDNESDAY, so make sure to get your entry fee in and waiver signed or you will be pushed to the second deadline!

And Yoga starts this Wednesday at 7:45pm-8:30pm with Melissa Simmons!  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make yourself more pliable for class and life! Classes are $10.

Don’t believe me that CrossFit and Yoga go hand in hand?  Check out this article that was recently posted in the CrossFit Journal.

“I consider both practices to be forms of superhero training because the practitioner is encouraged to continually reach new heights of physical and mental ability that extend beyond the cultural norm…Instead of a classroom format where the teacher is leading all students through their chosen set of postures, Ashtanga ultimately leads the practitioner to memorize the series of poses and perform them in a quiet room at his or her own pace, surrounded by other practitioners doing their practice. The teacher moves around the room and gives individual adjustments and advice to each student, similar to the way a CrossFit WOD is structured. Because of this style of delivery, students progress at their own pace, modulate their own speed according to their breath and move through the series as their bodies attune to it. You must be able to perform each posture success- fully before moving on to the next—and usually more difficult—posture…CrossFit meets Ashtanga in the realm of gymnastic flexi- bility, agility and conditioning but layers on constantly changing demands, high reps of functional movements with heavy weights, rope climbing, waist-high box jumps and any other manner of craziness the coach wishes to inflict on his athletes. To be competent at either practice requires near-superhero-like physical ability, but it doesn’t stop there….

When you set goals and are able to achieve feats you previously thought were not possible, you begin to perceive yourself as increasingly capable. One of my yoga teachers always said, ‘Yoga is when the impossible becomes possible.’ By this token, CrossFit is yoga. The ability to continually expand one’s boundaries—be they physical or mental—is highly addictive and beneficial to self-esteem and perceived capability.

Both systems train to deal with the unknown.

Ashtanga helps train the mind to stay centered during times of trial by physical challenges while maintaining attention and breathing. The real-life application of this is training is to maintain your center and refrain from a knee-jerk reaction. CrossFit trains the mind by taking you to your absolute limit and presenting physical challenges that at first seem impossible. By doing this repeatedly, you begin to realize you aren’t actually going to die and you’re much more capable than you give yourself credit for.”

-CrossFit Journal, August 2011


400m Run


WOD: For Time (20min)

800m Run

30 Hand Power Cleans (135/95)

50m Walking Lunges

30 Burpees

50m Walking Lunges

800m Run


3 x Deadbugs


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