How Many Time Have You Squatted In Your Life?

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What a beautiful, hot and sticky Sunday for CrossFit!  It almost reminds me of the South Central Regional…Well, no it doesn’t at all.

Check out the picture of “The Legend” in Scotland!  Representing thousands of miles away!  Find the Lock Ness Monster and bring him back!


200m Run – 20 Jumping Jacks

200m Run – 20 Squats

200m Run – :30 Curb Steps

200m Run – 20 Push-ups

200m Run – 20 Lunges

High Knee-to-20yd Sprint ( x5 )

WOD: 18 Minutes

800m Run

15 Strict Pull-ups

30 Burpees

AMRAP (of remaining Time) of Front Squats (95/65)


Hip Mobility

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