The Open Is Almost Here!!!

The Open Is Almost Here!!!

The Open Is Almost Here!!!

Every year CrossFit HQ hosts a worldwide online competition that eventually leads to the CrossFit Games which most of you have seen on television.  For most of us, this is an opportunity to check our progress to see how much we have improved from year to year.  For others, it’s a chance to contribute to our team’s ranking and potentially earn us a spot at the Regional this year.  For everyone, it creates a fun, competitive environment in the gym on Friday as we will be performing this workouts for each of the next several weeks.

If you plan on competing or are thinking about it, visit THIS SITE. From here you can see what the Open is all about and sign-up if you choose to do so.  If you plan on signing up, we do ask that you also complete the Judges Course.  This will help classes and judging run smoothly.  We encourage you all to participate!



Jump Rope Warmup


Back Squat Review


4×10 Back Squat

Find 10 Rep Max Back Squat


4 Rounds:

30 DU

10 Weighted Step Ups (45/25) (10 each leg)



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