Stay Mentally Focused

 In Workout of the Day

The Fight Gone Bad Heat lists and times are posted at the gym.  Make sure to check your times and make sure they work for you.  You have until thursday to get back to me about a change.  You must check-in between 7:00am – 8:00am even if your heat is later in the day.  Come check in, leave and go eat breakfast.  We would love everyone to stay and cheer all of our athletes on since we have more than any other gym attending!  Go Mission CrossFit!

Don’t forget that today and Thursday, we have NEW 4:30pm Classes!


500m Row

3 Sets of Fence Drills

SKILL: Shoulder Mobility

WOD: 25min AFAP

50 Squat Clean Thruster

50 Push-Press

50 Overhead Squat

50 Ring Dips

50 Back Squat

50 Overhead Lunges (25 Each)


*Stay focused, and get as far as you can.

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