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Hello Mission Crossfitter or casual visitor – this is Petra. Coach Drew has entrusted the gym and the website to me for this weekend. Oh yeah – there’s nothing like peace of mind when you’re competing in Regionals for the top position… So, first, a shout-out to our coach Drew and our affiliate team! We’re thinking of you, and we know that you will rock the boat! If you haven’t read it yet, check out the feature about Drew on the Crossfit Games website. If you’re planning on going to Regionals, contact Drew or one of the coaches once you get there, if you’re sticking around for the weekend and rather suffer for yourself, come on by. Here’s a quick reminder about this weekend’s schedule:

Saturday – 9 AM class

Sunday – 4 PM class

Regular schedule resumes on Monday


200m run, 20 jumping jacks

200m run, 20 squats

200m run, 20 push-ups

200m run, 20 seal jumps

2 x fence drills

PVC pass-throughs, OHSQ


5 min AMRAP OHSQ for total weight lifted


Sumo Jackie:

For time:

100 SDLHP (45/35)

50 Thrusters (45/35)

30 Pull-ups


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