The 12 Days of Christmas

 In Workout of the Day

We are CLOSED Tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday and will reopen
Monday Evening for the 5:30pm & 6:30pm classes. I
hope you all have an amazing Christmas weekend with friends and
family! For all of you who are interested, a bunch of people are
getting together tomorrow morning at 6:00am for a workout in the
parking lot. I am going to post the workout tonight for
them. I will not be in attendance. So, feel free to join! The
2011 Paleo Challenge sign-up is up on the whiteboard in the
gym! Make sure to get your name on there and make the
commitment for 6 weeks to yourself in the new year to make a huge
change! There will be a small entrance fee to participate in the
challenge, but everything you need will be included as well as some
fantastic prizes for the winners! The scoring system is
set-up in such a way that 1st, 2nd & 3rd place are
completely up for grabs. Just because you are super strong or
super lean doesn’t mean you will win this. There are a lot of
aspects that you need to think about! The
WOD is Posted Below In The Picture.

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