COLD Monday

 In Workout of the Day


Thank you to all the athletes, spectators and other affiliates who came together this Saturday for Barbell for Boobs!  It was a massively successful community event with 140+ athletes performing the workout “GRACE” in honor of Breast Cancer and another few hundred spectators.  We raised over $5,000  in just that Saturday morning!  Thank you again for all the support and great turnout.  (pictures will come later today, stay tuned!)

Don’t forget that you can still donate to Barbells for Boobs until the END OF THE YEAR!  Lets keep coming together for this great cause.

DONATE to Barbells for Boobs HERE


3 Rounds:

200m Run/Row

10 Air Squats

10 Push-ups


1 Set of Fence Drills (10 ea direction)

Barbell Warm-up


1 Power Clean + 1 1/4 FSQ = 1 Rep

Perform 3 Reps EMOM for 6:00



*Using weight from above

15:00 AMRAP

200m Run

3 Power Cleans


9 Burpees over the Bar


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