Whole Life Challenge Fall 2013

Whole Life Challenge Fall 2013

Whole Life Challenge Fall 2013

Numerous members have been asking about the next nutrition challenge that Mission will do, and we want to finally announce that we will be participating in the Whole Life Challenge Fall 2013!  This is a world-wide online nutrition competition focused on creating solid, healthy habits and challenging your dedication.  This 8-week “Game Changing Lifestyle Revolution” will incorporate starting and ending measurements/workout, weekly challenges and daily check-ins.  There are 3 different “levels” of difficulty that you can choose to participate with: Beginner, Intermediate and Prescribed.  This way you don’t have to take it to an extreme if you’re not ready to or have done this before.  But, if you’re looking to shed some serious weight or take your game to the next level, challenge yourself to do it Prescribed.

COST: $49

TIMELINE: September 7th – November 2nd

To sign-up and get a $5 discount off of registration, click this link to be directed to the Mission CrossFit SA page, or use code WLCRYGTZLQzr when signing up to join our gym.  Once you have registered, you will need to read through the program on the website and select what level you want to compete in as well as fill out some information on your profile.  The week prior to the start of the challenge, you will have to come in to get weighed and measured and enter that information into the website.  On Saturday September 7, we will meet at Mission to perform the baseline workout.  If you cannot attend that day, you will have to make it up another time.  The score of your baseline workout MUST be entered in online and validated by a coach in order to participate.

This challenge gives everyone an option of how dedicated they want to be on the challenge!  There is a choice for everyone even if you have been eating well or strict paleo for a while.  Do the challenge, push yourself and see where you can actually take yourself during these 8 weeks!

Watch the video to learn more about the Whole Life Challenge and what it can do for you!



Shuttle Run



4 x 400 (1:1 rest)


“Death by Clean & Jerk” (165/115)

*Once you cannot complete any more C&J in the allotted time, start performing 10 V-ups for each minute climbing to 12:00.


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