Throwdown Series

Throwdown Series

Throwdown Series

Starting February 25th and continuing the last weekend in each month until August, there is a world wide competition that you can compete in!  It’s called the Throwdown Series.  I have registered myself and our Affiliate and competitors.  There is an individual event and an Affiliate event where you can win cash money baby! Who doesn’t like cash money?!  The cost is $7/month, or $35 up front for the entire competition.  The more people who sign-up, the more prize money there is.  I think this is a great opportunity for anyone to challenge themselves and see what CrossFit is like around the world.  That last weekend of each month, we will make the Throwdown Series workout available to do at our box, so you don’t have to worry about trying to fit it in.  Once the workout is posted, you have 2 days to complete it and have the Affiliate post your time.  If you want to do this, come talk to me or go to the website by clicking here.
We would love to have a great Affiliate showing!  We need to have at least 4 people to compete as an Affiliate within the next day or so.  So, please sign-up! We can have as many as we want and we take the top times for men and female and that will be our Affiliate score for that month.
Get in the cheering and competition mood!  It’s that time of the year for CrossFit!
Jumping Warm-up
Line Jumps
Band Walks
PP = 6min/20 HSPU/600m Row
*Once you have completed your “Buy-in,” your team can start accumulating points.
1 HSPU = 1pt.
3 Modified HSPU = 1pt.
50m Rowing = 1pt.
Something Fun

Every year since 2006, Trinity Baseball has done a team unity challenge called the Big Cat Challenge.  This video was shot by Nick on his iphone this year.  As you can see, we instilled a lot of CrossFit ideals into their challenge.  You want competition, compete like this boys.



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