Coming Up On The Half Way Mark…

Coming Up On The Half Way Mark…

Coming Up On The Half Way Mark…

We are about half way through the Paleo Challenge and we have a lot of people asking questions why they aren’t losing any more weight or they are gaining weight or they are feeling tired.  These are all effects of the Paleo meal program and the Zone block system.  If you are feeling tired and sluggish, up your blocks or eat more fat, it will give you more energy.  If you’re gaining weight and you don’t think it’s muscle, then knock your blocks down a little or check your portion sizes (you may be eating too much protein per meal, which is common).  If you’ve stopped losing weight, don’t worry you should lose more as you continue to do this, otherwise, like I just stated, readjust your portion sizes, or come talk to us and we can help you out.  There is always a reason why things are happening it’s just a matter of figuring out what it is.  If you haven’t been keeping a log journal, I can bet the portions are off and without that book we cannot see what you’ve been eating to adjust accordingly.  Keep that book full!

The “Paleo Meal of the Day” is now a widget on the side bar of the webpage!  This is really cool!  It takes you to The Foodie website which posts new links and information about Paleo meals and foods.  I have been in contact with them and they are a great organization for this and have offered to put their widget on our website, pretty cool!  So, check it out!


:30 Drills (x 3)

25 Straight Leg Sit-ups

3 x Palm Walks

#1 WOD: For Time:

20 Shoulder-to-Overhead 185/135 – (155/105)

40 Burpees over the bar

#2 WOD:

50 Pull-up –> Knee-to-Elbow

*Each time your feet touch the ground or you stay on the ground longer than a “tap” (Jumping Pull-up), you must perform:

– 10 Squats (Pull-ups)

– 5 Squats (Jumping Pull-ups)

The definition of a Pull-up –> Knee-to-Elbow



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