December 2014 Athlete of the Month: Pam Flores!!!

December 2014 Athlete of the Month: Pam Flores!!!

December 2014 Athlete of the Month: Pam Flores!!!

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Congratulations to Pam Flores, our December 2014 Athlete of the Month!  Pam joined us about a year ago after her daughter, Alicen had been coming for quite a while and finally convinced her to give Mission CrossFit SA a chance.  Since the day she’s joined, we’ve seen Pam accomplish SO MUCH!  She’s overcome a sense of being overwhelmed by challenge of CrossFit and now not only completes every workout, but she attacks each and every workout with a fierce attitude!  Read more about her and her story below.  Congrats again Pam and keep up the good work!

NamePam Flores

Started CrossFit: March 2014

Favorite WODAny WOD that DOES NOT include a barbell.

Least Favorite WOD: Any WOD that includes a barbell.

Favorite Lift: Dead Lift

Least Favorite Lift: OVERHEAD SQUAT!!!

Story: I first walked into Mission in April of 2013, however I was only there to complete the paperwork for my daughter, Alicen who had decided to join the gym. I recall that the coach who assisted me with her registration suggested that I too should join the gym. I simply responded with “I would die. I do not belong in a place like this”. I have to admit that I was completely intimidated by the thought of doing crossfit myself. Alicen tried for months to convince me to work out with her at Mission but it wasn’t until a year later that  I finally realized that I had to change my lifestyle  and start working out in order to improve my health.

My experience at Mission has been amazing! The coaches have always been supportive and are great in the way that they explain the various techniques. They are wonderful at knowing how to modify the workouts for me while still pushing me to work hard. There is something about the sound of Coach Beth Gentry’s voice that forces me to push through the WOD even when my mind is telling me I’m done! The members have been so encouraging and are always willing to help. I am grateful to all the coaches and members for making me feel welcomed in a place that I was so sure I did not belong. The only regret I have is that I didn’t join Mission sooner. It truly has changed my life and I look forward to working hard to reach my goals!! Thank you!

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