Did It Feel Like You Were In A Fight And It Went Bad?

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After yesterdays announcement of the Post-Paleo Challenge, we have had a huge response!  There has already been 25 people who have come in to get their measurements done!  Thats incredible!  I can only see it getting bigger by tomorrow.  Make sure if you are interested and want to participate you MUST get your measurements done by TOMORROW (Wednesday).  It lasts 4 weeks and your measurements will be done prior to our 1 year anniversary party on Saturday May 14th.  Prizes will be awarded to the winners!


Jumping Warm-up

Pelvic Raises

5pt. Hip

Pigeon Stretch

WOD: “Fight Gone Bad” – 3Rounds

1min Per Station for 5 Stations then a 1min Rest (repeat 3 times)

Wall Ball Shots (20/14)

SDHP (75/55)

Box Jumps @ 20″

Push-Press (75/55)

Rowing (calories)



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  • Stephen Takach

    Awesome Drew!

    I think this is awesome… by the way, i got 473 total yesterday, and had 474 on march 4th… but i cleaned 20lbs less… which means….

    THAT MY TOTAL REPS WENT UP 19!!!! YES!!! That means when i get the 235 or 240 clean next time, with the same amount or more reps that i am going to be over 500 baby!

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