Ever Been Able to Crush a GrapeFruit in One Hand?

 In Workout of the Day

You might be able to if you do this workout a few times.

Level 2 WOD:

“Gwen” 15 – 12 – 9 (unbroken)

Clean and Jerk

*Pick your own weight.  The bar cannot be dropped or rested on the ground in any of the sets, but can be dropped at the end of a set and then be rested on the ground for any length of time you desire.  You can rest on your chest, overhead or in your hips.  If you drop in within in the 15, 12 or 9, you start the entire workout over.  Pick a heavy weight and work hard.

“Death By Pull-up” – 15min

1 Pull-up the first minute, 2 Pull-ups the second minute, 3 pull-ups the third minute…

*If you don’t make your pull-ups in any minute, you do 250 Double Unders.

***Yoga has been going great! We are having a small group of people consistently come!  I love seeing that and you all will start seeing how it changes them in the box.  Think about joining a few classes and seeing where you have some weaknesses.

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