February 2015 Athlete of the Month – Lacey Reinhardt

February 2015 Athlete of the Month – Lacey Reinhardt

February 2015 Athlete of the Month – Lacey Reinhardt

Congratulations to Lacey Reinhardt!  She has been voted by the coaches as this month’s Athlete of the Month!  Lacey is one of those athletes whose dedication to her fitness has paid off in many ways.  As you can read in her story below, she has made huge strides in the gym that has led to a new confidence that many of us find after proving to ourselves that we can accomplish much more than we ever imagined.  If you see Lacey around the gym (usually at the 8:30 and 9:30 AM classes) be sure to congratulate her.  She’s put in a ton of work to earn this honor and is certainly deserving of the title “Athlete of the Month”

Name: Lacey Reinhardt

Started Crossfit: December 2013

Favorite WOD: Anything with a partner(s) and variety

Least Favorite WOD: Hansen. Anything with large chunks of reps.

Favorite Lift: Clean and Jerk

Least Favorite Lift: The snatch I am supposed to catch in a squat. Really people…


Walking into mission for the first few times and witnessing ALOTO 2014 very soon after, gave me something that no other fitness facility could…Proof! Just look at the incredible members and coaches, their physique and their mentality. I knew in my heart that becoming a part of Mission’s community meant I was going to inevitability change in the direction of my long standing goals. A year later I’m a new kind of strong; new weight, new size, new muscles, new confidence. Mission is the gift that keeps giving. I’m committed because I know every rep is an opportunity to be even more proud of myself. I’ve spent most of my life wanting, hoping, negotiating, starting, and stopping a plan towards being fit. I have everything I need now, the community, a partner with the same goals, healthy social setting, and now I am my own proof! Thank you so much for the recognition, it means a lot to me.



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