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We hope everyone had a safe holiday season, but now it’s that time of the year to get back to the gym and get after it!  One thing we appreciate about our gym is that we are different from a classic style gym that attracts a ton of “New Year’s Resolution” members.  Now, we may have a few new faces walk through the door and we welcome them with open arms as always, but what we get excited for is our current members looking to improve themselves in the new year.  Our resolutions are to set a new snatch PR, beat last year’s Fran time or maybe even set a personal best 5K time and we are excited to help our members reach their goals for 2014.  We can’t wait to see everyone back from the holidays!!!

If you are someone who enjoys Kettlebell WOD’s around the gym or have a desire to master kettlebell work, we have a CrossFit Kettlebell Certification coming in a couple weeks.  Several of our coaches have attended and have learned a ton from this course.  Click HERE to sign up or for more info.


3 Min Jump Rope

3 Rounds of Cindy


15 min Cutoff

3x 300m Row

*Rest as Needed

*Score is Your Slowest Time


12 Min AMRAP:

5 Push Press (135/95)

10 Burpee Over Bar

200m Run

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