I Won’t Be Able to Feel My Legs Tomorrow

 In Workout of the Day


400m Run

:30 Drills (x 2)

– Jumping Jacks

– Squats

– Seal Jumps

– Good Morning

– 1:00 Stretch

200m Run

Strength WOD:

2 x 5min Back Squat (2:00 rest between)

***In teams of 3, two partners hold the bar up like a rack, the third is squatting.  When the squatter gets tired, they rotate with one of the other teammates.  This continues.

WOD: For Time: (20min cutoff)

200m Run

30 – 20 – 10

– Pull-ups

– Push-ups

– Air Squats

50 Mt. Climbers (total)

***Each round (30, 20, 10) starts with a 200m Run and ends with 50 Mt. Climbers

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