If You Didn’t Do Enough Overhead Squats Last Week…

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A request came from our 5:30am CrossFit junkies to have a post-Paleo Challenge!  Some of them feel like they have fallen off the band-wagon and need a refresher.  It begin this Wednesday, so you need to get your measurements in by then.  Come a few minutes to class or stay a few minutes after and we’ll get you measured.  No pictures, no baseline WOD, just measurements.  It is a 4-week Challenge to see who can change the most by our 1 year anniversary party on Saturday, May 14th.  We will retake your measurements there! Make sure to sign-up on the white board at the gym and get your measurements done!  Talk to any one of the trainers and have them do it asap!

Also, there is NO 9AM CLASS THIS SATURDAY! There is a 8am, but no 9am.  Please schedule accordingly.

And remember, we now have a 4:30pm class Monday, Wednesday and Friday!


200m Run


PVC Shoulder Work

WOD: “Nancy” – 5RFT (20min)

400m Run

15 Overhead Squats (95/65)


Foam Roller

50 Knee-to-Elbows

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