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The CrossFit Games Open is in full swing and we are into week 4!  WOD 11.4 has posted and everyone is saying “What the heck?!”  It’s something very odd, especially when they say it’s “Rounds for Time.”  But, it’s another workout that is a deciding factor for some people, so good luck!

CrossFit Games Open WOD 11.4

10min AMRAP

60 Burpees facing the Bar

30 Overhead Squats (120/90)

10 Muscle-ups



Pelvic Raises


5pt. Hip


PVC Shoulder Warm-up

SKILL: 5 x 4 Pistols with Kettlebell

WOD: “Death By Pull-ups”

1 Pull-up the first minute…

2 Pull-ups the second minute…and on until you cannot finish the pull-ups within the minute.

*Once you cannot complete the minute, you must from then on perform 10 Burpees each minute until the last person finishes their Pull-ups.  If you still have 20 burpees left when the last person finishes, you must complete those burpees.

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