Mud Bug Throwdown Tomorrow!

Mud Bug Throwdown Tomorrow!

Mud Bug Throwdown Tomorrow!

8 AM CLASS ONLY TOMORROW (Saturday 5/9).  Mud Bug Throwdown kicks off tomorrow at 10 AM.

Just a reminder to everyone that anyone can come join in on the fun tomorrow.  Yes, there will be a competition taking place, but  you’re all more than welcome to come hang out, cheer, partake in crawfish consumption, etc.  It’s gonna be a good time and we hope that many of you can be here!

We will be have some beverages available to all, but feel free to bring your drinks of choice.  Remember, if you’re not participating in the competition, it’s $10 for all you can eat and drink.


400m Run



3×8 Ring Dips


As Far as Possible in 15:00:

1 Round is the following:

*5 Burpees

*7 Deadlifts

*9 Air Squats

1 Round

1 C&J (155/105)

1 Round

2 C&J

1 Rounds

3 C&J

1 Round

4 C&J…..


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