New Facility = New Programs

New Facility = New Programs

New Facility = New Programs

Just a reminder… this upcoming Monday, June 30th we will begin class at our new location: 8842 Broadway.  Once we move in we will be taking a couple weeks to get settled by only running our everyday CrossFit Class Schedule.  However, on Monday, July 14th we will be opening up some fresh new programs:

Click Here to view a document with everything listed out on it.

Mission Strength: Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday @ 5:30 – 6:30 AM

Coach Junior will be taking over the former Powerlifting program, improving the quality, organization and enthusiasm.  This program will be held in it’s own area of the gym reserved for Powerlifting.  This program will have limited spots available so be sure to reserve a spot when they are officially released.

MetCon Class: Monday/Wednesday/Friday @ 5:45 – 6:30 AM

Coach Rebekah will be teaching a low impact class that focuses primarily on conditioning without the use of heavy barbell movements.  Designed for the athlete not concerned with lifting big weight in our normal class setting, but still looking to get the benefits of CrossFit style training.

Advanced Athlete: Monday – Friday (Morning and Afternoon Sessions)

Coach Drew and Coach Nick will continue to work with athletes looking to focus on advanced weightlifting, skills and techniques.  This program is being held at our current location, but the program will start its new training cycle and also have it’s own reserved area of the gym when we move.

Advanced Barbell Prep

Coach Nick will be running morning and afternoon sessions of the Advanced Barbell Prep class.  This class focuses primarily on the Snatch and Clean and Jerk, the Olympic lifts and is perfect .  These classes will have limited availability so be sure to reserve a spot when times are released.


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