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The Spring Break Survival Challenge starts tomorrow!

Here is the Saturday schedule:

*We will start promptly at 8:00. Don’t be late if you want to be there for the Q&A. Don’t come ask questions after, because we will go through everything then.

Seminar/Q & A

8:00 – 9:00 am


9:00 – 9:15 am

Heats Warm-up

9:15 – 9:30 am

Heat 1 Starts

9:30 am

The Heats will be posted later today, so you have an idea when you will be performing your workout.

Heats will be based on the initial weights you gave for Ground-to-Overhead and Kettlebell Snatches. If you did not state them, CORRECTION: YOU WILL BE ABLE TO CHANGE SATURDAY.

Heats will be starting every 10 minutes and it will take 12 minutes for a heat to go through the entire workout. It is your responsibility to be at the next station within in the given time. We will be giving directions on what to do, where to go and all heat times (for each movement and location) will be posted at the gym. Once you have completed the workout and given your scores to a coach, you are free to go.

You have until the end of the day today to get your INITIAL WEIGHT in!



400m Run


Burgener Warm-Up


15 Min to Find Max Snatch

– 5 min Rest –

15 Min to Find Max Clean and Jerk


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