Start The Week Off Fresh

Start The Week Off Fresh

Start The Week Off Fresh

October 1st…mark it down on your calendar…make sure you’re there…it’s the start of our next Paleo Challenge!  Sign-up today!  The sign-up is on the board in the gym.  It will run for 6 weeks and end before Thanksgiving just in time to look good for the holidays!  It costs $35 and you will get a personal coach, pictures/measurements, benchmark workout, t-shirt and a food log book.  There are a handful of guidelines throughout the challenge to help you succeed and have a great chance at winning.  We had 63 athletes participate in the challenge last January, so let’s try and grow that number this time!

This week is the START OF 3 NEW CLASSES!

Tuesday/Thursday @ 4:30pm

Sunday @ 9:00am


400m Run


Foam Roller/Lacrosse Ball

#1 WOD: 5 RFT (8min Cutoff)

10 Jumping Squats

200m Run

#2 WOD: “Death by Pull-ups” (20min)

1 Pull-up the first minute…

2 Pull-ups the second minute…

3 Pull-ups the third minute…

*Once you fail at pull-ups, you pick up in the next minute with that specific amount of Burpees.

*Once you fail at Burpees, you restart at 1 Pull-up until the 20 Minutes finish.


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