Starting Monday

Starting Monday

Starting Monday

Starting this Monday, July 1st, you will no longer be allowed to take the weight lifting equipment out of the weight lifting area.  This means, bars, clips, plates, change plates all of it.  We are doing this to make sure that classes and lifters both have enough equipment at all times and through out the day.  If you lift before class, make sure to put all that equipment away prior to taking class and grab the equipment for classes, don’t take the olympic lifting plates/bars/clips out for a WOD.


All coaches know this and will enforce it.  If you are found doing this, you’ll be told to put it back and will be holding up class.  We love that you want to lift and do more than just a WOD each day, but please be considerate and follow this to make sure there is not more fumbling around for equipment during classes and we stop breaking our more expensive olympic lifting equipment.

Thank you!

– Coach Drew


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