And The Winners Are… (Drum Roll Please)…

And The Winners Are… (Drum Roll Please)…

And The Winners Are… (Drum Roll Please)…

Congrats to everyone who completed the Spring Break Survival Challenge!  Yet again, we saw some incredible results from many of our members over the course of the challenge.  The final rankings were based on a weighted average of your total weight lost, % of your body weight lost and beginning/final rankings from the benchmark workout.

You’ll find our top 3 Men and Women finishers below and their prizes are as follows:

1st Place: 2 Months Unlimited Crossfit + $100 Credit at the Gym

2nd Place: $100 Credit at the Gym

3rd Place: $50 Credit at the Gym

(These have already been added to the winner’s accounts)


1st Place: Annie Clark (Loss of 9 lbs. and 4.7% Body Weight)

2nd Place: Valerie Brown (Loss of 8 lbs. and 5.2% Body Weight)

3rd Place: Faith Murray (Loss of 7 lbs. and 4.2% Body Weight)


1st Place: Gerald Barnes (Loss of 23 lbs. and 11.4% Body Weight)

2nd Place: David Cannon (Loss of 17 lbs. and 7.4% Body Weight)

3rd Place: Robert Baldwin (Loss of 16 lbs. and 6.8% Body Weight)


Amanda Moser: Loss of 15 lbs (Top weight loss among women!!!)

Bob Erickson: Loss of 26 lbs (Top weight loss among men!!!)


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