April 2014 Athlete of the Month – Ashley Rice

April 2014 Athlete of the Month – Ashley Rice

April 2014 Athlete of the Month – Ashley Rice

Congratulations to Ashley Rice who was selected as our April 2014 Athlete of the Month!  She’s an athlete who has seen huge improvements since her first day walking in the gym (especially considering we didn’t see her for a while after her initial stint at MCFSA, kidding!).  I’m sure if you would have told Ashley early on in her CrossFit days that she’d be involved and competing in a program that includes some of the best athletes at the gym, she would certainly call you crazy.  However, she’s doing exactly that and killing it!  Her technique has greatly improved and she’s been knocking down PR’s on a regular basis.  Congrats Ashley and keep up the great work!

Athlete of The Month – April 2014

Name: Ashley Rice

Started CrossFit: August 2011(I had a few week stint in August 2011 but I legit started in November 2012)

Favorite WOD: Preferably Anything with Burpees or KBS

Least Favorite WOD: The Bear

Favorite Lift: Back Squat

Least Favorite Lift: Shoulder Press

Story:  I initially tried CrossFit and decided that not being able to walk properly for days at time just wasn’t for me. Fast forward a year and a half later… I found myself sitting at a computer eight hours a day with no physical activity and my bagel bite/Gatorade diet was far from “clean.” Luckily a few of my Missionista friends convinced me to give it another shot and man am I glad I listened to them! I have met so many inspiring people at Mission, both coaches and athletes, that not only motivate me to be a better athlete but to be a better person as well. So excited for more PRs and more great people!



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